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Travel Photography About Cultural Diversity

LTTL (Learning Through the Lens) is a project that started when I was organizing all of the amazing photos I’d taken during my travels around the world. Every time I would come back home people would ask to see my pictures over and over again. I, too, would find myself looking through my albums over and over again. I still do and the magic is that I continue to learn from the memories for months and years afterwards. There are so many meaningful conversations about cultural diversity that would come from just a single photo. Over the course of time I realized how much can be learned through a camera lens. One person’s ordinary is another person’s extraordinary. Photos are a reflection of your culture, your customs, your place in the world and we want you to share this!

You’re probably wondering how you win a free Around the World Game? Just send in a photo that you cherish and tell us why the photo is so important or special to you. It could be travel photography or pictures from your neighborhood culture. Each month we will tally up the photos sent in and choose one (or two or three). The winner(s) will receive a free Around the World Game and a published story along with the photo on our blog!

We look for photos that teach something about the world and inspire. It could be shots from your family vacation, your neighborhood, your grandfather’s face, your mother’s hands, a meal you made for another person, something you pass on the highway, a celebration, a river that you used to play in, a soccer match, a flower you planted, a license plate, etc. It’s anything, really, that reflects your culture, your customs and your world.

Imagine all that you’ve learned about yourself and your family through photos. Now imagine how much more you can learn through photos from people living around the world!

Well what are you waiting for? Send in that photo and win a free Around the World Game!

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